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Each mouthful of our loaves delivers a taste of soft fresh bread with crust and a homemade filling of your choice. Tied up in rustic raffia and delivered for a bespoke sandwich lunch experience.

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Fresh Bread

About Us

Our loaves originated from an idea that wanted to bring a new twist to a high tea. How to make it different, give it an edge, make it stand out from the rest.

 We came up with the idea of making a mini loaf, sliced and filled as one would any ordinary loaf.  

That’s when they were born, our loaves, a loaf for lunch, freshly prepared and made for you, mini filled slices of fresh homemade bread.  

Each mouthful delivering a taste of soft fresh bread with crust and a homemade filling of choice.  Tied up in rustic raffia and packaged for a bespoke on the go sandwich lunch experience.

Only the Best Ingredients

We only use the best ingredients we can source.  Using the finest white and wholemeal bread flour for our loaves and unsalted butter for each slice.  During the summer months our salad ingredients are picked fresh from the garden for the finest taste.

Our Recipes

We provide a variety of fillings for our loaves, choose from one of our tried and tested favourites or from our  salad selection.  If you would prefer a slighly different combination, contact us , we are sure we can deliver the ultimate bespoke sandwich  taste  for you.

Made by Hand

All our loaves are made by hand and baked individually giving each one an uneven appearance.  Once cooled they are sliced, buttered, filled using our finest ingredients, crafted and tied together using rustic raffia.  Especially for your ultimate sandwich lunch.

Our Loaves

Our Loaves

Our loaves are eight slices of lightly buttered homemade bread to make four mini sandwiches with a variety of different fillings, each tied up with rustic rafia and packaged for you.

Filled Buffet Loaves

Business Lunches

Why not impress your customers or prospective clients and choose a buffet with a difference; we can cater for your business lunches and private functions.

Loaf and Snowdrops

Funeral Buffets

Let us give you one less thing to worry about at this difficult time. Our funeral buffets are offered, with sympathy and understanding providing you with your funeral refreshments.

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